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PleasuresOfTheSole – Japanese Foot Worship
PleasuresOfTheSole – Japanese Foot Worship
PleasuresOfTheSole – Japanese Foot Worship

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PleasuresOfTheSole – Japanese Foot Worship

Emily is a hot Japanese-American college student with big and crazy sensitive size 10 feet. She discovered at our sister site, Tickle Intensive, that having her feet tickled is t0rture… but it also makes her wet! IF FINGERNAILS TICKLING EMILY'S SOLES TURNS HER ON, SHE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT BIANCA MOUTH AND TONGUE CAN DO TO HER DELICATE FEET! Bianca has a thing for Asian girls and Emily is no exception. Her gorgeous soles are right in Bianca's face and she can't help but dive right into those big arches, burying her face in those wide soles. EMILY BITES HER LIP AND GASPS WITH AROUSAL – A TONGUE SLIDING UP AND DOWN HER SOLES DEFINITELY FEELS BETTER THAN FINGERNAILS, AND PRETTY SOON SHE'S MOANING WITH PLEASURE! Emily isn't embarrassed that foot worship makes her hot and she isn't afraid to show it. She smiles hotly and moans as Bianca devours her big soles and long toes. EMILY ESPECIALLY LIKES IT WHEN SEVERAL OF HER TOES ARE SUCKED ON AT ONCE. SHE MOANS LOUDLY, WHISPERING WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT WHEN BIANCA TAKES FIRST ONE, THEN TWO, THEN THREE, THEN ALL FIVE OF HER TOES INTO HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME! Extremely aroused, Emily crosses her ankles so that the most sensitive areas of her feet, her silky arches and long toes, are completely exposed for Bianca's eager mouth to explore! The lusty redhead finds herself in Asian heaven as she aggressively sucks on Emily arches and crams her entire foot into her mouth all at once several times! EMILY TOSSES HER HEAD BACK IN ECSTASY, GIGGLING AND MOANING WHILE EVERY SQUARE INCH OF HER GORGEOUS SOLES ARE WORSHIPPED. Emily is extremely ticklish, and Bianca should know, being she tickle t0rtured her in a previous scene. She wants to see if Emily's feet are more ticklish after being worshipped, so she convinces the naïve girl to slip her ankles into an inescapable headlock. Once she has the Emily'sfeet trapped, Bianca attacks her soles with sharp fingernails, causing her to burst into uncontrollable laughter! SHE BEGS FOR BIANCA TO GO BACK TO SUCKING ON HER TOES, BUT THE EVIL REDHEAD WANTS TO HEAR THIS ASIAN HOTTIE BEG SOME MORE, SO SHE TICKLES HER SOLES UNTIL SHE'S FRANTIC WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER!
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