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BrattyFootGirls – Ayla’s Harsh Foot gagging Lesson 1
BrattyFootGirls – Ayla’s Harsh Foot gagging Lesson 1
BrattyFootGirls – Ayla’s Harsh Foot gagging Lesson 1

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BrattyFootGirls – Ayla’s Harsh Foot gagging Lesson 1

Bad girl Lizzy has been transferred to a new college after expelled from her last one. her new teacher Miss Aysel has heard all about her misgivings and how her former teachers dealt with her. Even a new college wasn't enough to change Lizzy's ways and shes found herself in her new teachers presence already. Miss Aysel gives Lizzy the dressing down she needs and threatens she will be forced to leave this new college as well..unless she does what she knows is the only way to keep her in line and get down and worship and gag on her big size 9s. Lizzy has no choice but to do as she's told and soon has her teachers big feet stuffed in her mouth. It's going to be a long afternoon as her teacher gags her mouth in everyway!
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